Being the Campologist's Wife

by Tracy Butler
Tracy & Bruce on the coast of Maine

Being the Campologist wife has it's challenges and advantages.  As I have said in my first post, I do like camping and have the Campologist to thank for that. 

I have always been an "outdoorsy girl". My family camped for many summers in 16' travel trailer with a kitchen, comfy bed, and a bathroom nearby. I did go to girl guide camp (although I must admit, I kind of hated it ) and that is about it.

Meeting the Campologist challenged me to stretch my experience in the great outdoors.  tbw chilkoot 600Tracy & Bruce - Northern British Columbia, CanadaI am surprised that I continued camping with him, when one of my first backpacking trips (after finishing  a nightshift) was filled with OMG's.  Camping next to the largest collection of bull frogs, sleep deprived, hiking through a bog and ending up waist deep in muck, with wild turkeys jumping out in front of me are among my first memories. 

Over the next 30 plus years we have had many camping adventures, which I am now thinking of blogging about from MY perspective...(Will be interesting reading for sure)

 The Challenges of being the wife of the Campologist:

  • Way too much camping stuff in the house,tbw canyonlands 600Tracy stealing a kiss at Canyonlands National Park, Utah
  • His idea of a great vacation is trekking through the woods, mine is the Barcelo in Cabo San Lucas,
  • Having to wait to eat dinner, while he tests how many litres of water his new fuel canister can burn,
  • Being asked repeatedly, do you want to sleep in the backyard in the tent, for no apparent reason,
  • When asked to make dinner, his idea is to open a backpackers pantry dehydrated pouch and really think thats what I meant when I asked him to make dinner.
  • Having another kayak appear, and now I am thinking they are creating their own offspring....tbw algonquin 600Tracy & Bruce - Backpacking in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
  • The list goes on..........


  • New light weight trekking poles,
  • He goes on solo trips,
  • I have stretched my outdoor self and can now pee and poop in the woods no problem,
  • New outdoor clothing,
  • He goes on extended trips leaving me to experiment with paint colours in the house,
  • I have the skills to exist i if zombies take over the world,
  • Appreciate the outdoors. (Had to end with a serious note)

I'm not sure camping was included in our wedding vows, but we are in for the long haul with many adventures to follow.


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