Camping Over 50

by Bruce Watts
Camping over 50 - things change
Camping over 50 - things change

Camping over 50 things change.

By the time you have matured to the majestic age of 50, you have likely been camping for many decades, paddled countless rivers, and still think Gortex is new.

Your experience is vast, your skills are honed, and your attitude is relaxed. All sounds good. Well there are some issues that semi-centureon campers have to contend with that younger souls have yet to enjoy.  Your pace slows and the "need" to rush has begun fading to grey like your hair,  yet your lust for adventure is still in high gear!

Let's examine the aging process and take inventory.


  • When you wear a sun hat it protects your face, ears and that bald spot,
  • You need a check list not to know what to bring, but so you don't forget stuff,
  • You hike and portage with knee braces and consume un-natural amounts of anti-inflammitories,
  • You used to paddle 12 hours a day and go to sleep at midnight, now you paddle 4 hours in the morning and nap at noon,
  • You used to drink cheap vodka with tang, now you bring 15 year old scotch,
  • You bring a pee bottle not because it's convenient, but because you "need" it,
  • Your gut was lean and your pack bulged, now your gut bulges and your pack is lean,
  • You now consult with your physician prior to trips,
  • Your sleep pad has been getting a centimetre thicker each decade,
  • Your wife used to miss you when you went on trips, now she tells you to go,
  • You used to drive an old car and carry a new pack, now you drive a new car and you have that same old pack,
  • Camping used to be awesome... and it still is!

Camping is great no matter how old you are, you just have to adjust. So get out and enjoy life while you are on this side of the grass.

brat 50 1000The BRAT are all well over 50 - Bloodvien River, Manitoba, 2008


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