Drinking in the backwoods - DANGER - Thelon River, NWT 2005

Backwoods Boozin'

by Bruce Watts

Drinking in the backwoods has it's challenges.

Enjoying an adult beverage at the end of a long day paddling, can be a well earned guilty pleasure. When you are 3 days from your car, and lounging on a rock overlooking a beautiful pristine lake….it is very hard to describe the cocky decadence that blankets your body as that first sip of bargain merlot warms your guts. 

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The 1st season of spring is "Muck"

The 3 Seasons Of Spring

by Bruce Watts

I'm not crazy (I know that's what all crazy people say).

I truly know there are 7 days in the week, 12 months in the year, and 24 hours in the day (except for Canadian metric time of course) but when it comes to the 4 seasons, I take some liberties. I have created several sub seasons to the traditional spring, summer, winter and fall.

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Many tents in the rain
Your tent protects you, so protect her!

Storing Your Tent

by Bruce Watts

You count on your tent for protection, so store her properly during the winter and ensure its longer life and continued performance. Take care of her, and she will take care of you!

The summer is over and the fall will quickly flash by. With much painful anguish you reluctantly realize it’s time to pack up your camping gear for the winter.  Let’s discuss the best ways to store your nylon gold for the season… that precious tent!

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