We aren’t GREAT,
but we are FUN!

Our site is all about the great outdoors and fun. It’s not commercial and we don’t make money!


Create & provide fun & useful web-based products that will enrich the wilderness experience.


Have good old honest fun in life, work & play.


Family, Friends, Art, Outdoors and Nature

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Our Team

Are team is fluid, but this is the core.

Bruce & Tracy

Campology is the vision and creation of Bruce with the loving support of his good wife Tracy.

They are both retired from the tethers of a full-time job and now live the good life on the road, paths or waterways. It doesn’t get much better than that. They occasionally pause to fight the odd zombie, visit their 2 adult children or spoil their grandchildren.

As Tracy and Bruce travel the continent living in a tiny RV, they grab whatever adventure lies in their path. Hiking trails, caves, mountains, bike paths, marshlands, rivers… and even an odd glass of quality wine at a seashore patio.

The website is their way of sharing these adventures and experiences … mother always told them it was good to share.

The site is not commercial nor does it make money… it’s all about the simple “fun of it”. 

Enjoy the site, however, be careful … you may learn something!