Campology is all about “roughing it in comfort”.  We don’t want to simply survive – but rather be comfortable even in the harshest of conditions.   It is acknowledged there have been major advances in outdoor clothing, equipment, food and survival techniques, however, despite this… stuff happens!  

We still must be prepared for the worst. Those who possess the most outdoor education, the appropriate gear, and are mentally and physically prepared – are most likely to survive. To deal with an emergency, one must be able to make decisions, improvise and always remain calm. 

It is extremely important not to allow these seven enemies to affect your chances of survival.


The 7 Survival Enemies:

  1. Fear – Fear is normal and often the first enemy – fear is generally followed by panic then pain, cold, thirst, hunger, fatigue, boredom and loneliness. 
  2. Pain – Pain may often be ignored in a panic situation. –  remember to deal with injuries immediately before they become more serious. In the wilderness, minor injuries can turn into serious issues very quickly.  Little cuts and scraps are examples. If they are not treated and cleaned at the first opportunity – they can get infected.  A minor issue will become a major.
  3. Cold – Cold lowers the ability to think clearly, numbs the body and reduces the will to survive – don’t stop moving or fall asleep unless adequately sheltered.
  4. Thirst – Dehydration is a common enemy and must not be ignored – It can dull your mind, causing you to overlook important survival information.
  5. Hunger – Hunger is dangerous but seldom deadly – it may reduce your ability to think logically and increase your susceptibility to cold, pain and fear. It is generally believed that a healthy person can survive for 28 days without food. Don’t worry, you will survive for a few days with little impact.
  6. Fatigue – Fatigue is unavoidable – keep in mind that it can your mental ability. Remember that in an emergency, this is often the body’s way of avoiding difficult issues and situations.
  7. Boredom & Loneliness – These enemies are quite often unanticipated – They may lower the mind’s ability to deal and cope.


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