Bruce was gentle and Betty was responsive. Our first time was perfect.

It would be my first time.

Betty has never had her pipes cleaned… ever. She was a  virgin, yet it had to be done. It was up to me.  Tracy wanted nothing to do with it, however strangely she wanted to watch.


I had become very close to Betty over the past few weeks. Yet never intimate enough to touch her “under-pipes”.  It just seemed dirty. 

It would not only be my first time with Betty but my first time with any RV.  I was a sewage/septic tank newbie. 

After a few days on the road, Tracy and I have used Betty’s plumbing many times, yet her “under-pipes” still remained untouched. 

It’s not like we didn’t have the opportunity. We were waiting for the right time. After all, the first time needed to be perfect.

After 3 nights in the very pleasant South Carolinian RV park. Everything seemed just right. It was time. 

I was nervous yet somehow thrilled at the prospect of draining Betty’s pipes. She didn’t seem to care one bit,  yet I was as nervous as a young cow in a bullpen… and it needed to be done. I sucked it up and dove in.

Always wear protection when contacting Betty’s “under-pipes”


First things first… I needed protection. You never know what can be transmitted on a well-used RV under-pipe. So I rolled on the latex protection and now I was ready. 

I pulled out my hose and extended it as needed. It was magical.

My hose was coupled with Betty’s “under-pipe” and another end was placed in the dump station receptacle. 

I gently pulled her black water parts and Betty surged and moved, it was working.  After her first flow, it was time for the grey water. Again I gingerly grabbed her grey parts and she flowed again. This time with much greater force and intensity. 

We were done. 

I removed my latex, laid content on the lawn under the grand Carolina Oak tree and smoked a cigarette.



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