BRuce “Dudley” Watts

“Dudley” has been there and done that just for the fun of it”.

42 years and thousands of kilometres of trails and rivers

Our primary contributor and Campology’s very own Chief Campologist. Bruce (AKA “Dudley”) has truly been there and done that. 

He has camped in all of Canada’s Provinces and Territories, summited most of the high peaks in New Hampshire and New York State, hiked all the backpack trails in  Algonquin Park, thru-hiked all of the  Bruce Trail, the  Rideau Trail twice, the  Great Divide Trail, the  Appalachian Trail, and much more. He also paddles his Canoes and Kayaks at every opportunity, cycles several thousand kilometres each year, is a multiple participant in the  Canadian Ski Marathon, and was a director of the National Capital Division of  Alpine Ontario.

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