I’m not disconnected from reality! I truly know there are 7 days in the week, 12 […]
The Beginning Campology is 12 years old and we are still roughing it in comfort! In […]
pee bottle 600a
To pee or not to pee, is the question. Deep in the woods you suddenly wake […]
I have camped in far-away places, in harsh climates with the strangest of camping partners, but […]
The wind blows and then sucks away your heat faster than you can say “Suffer’n Sasquatch”. […]
The winter is a wonderful and a glorious time of the year. For those lucky enough […]
NOTE This post has nothing to do with camping – just a simple poem posted in honour […]
Not really … but bear with me as I share my backwood’s tale of woe. Carrying […]
Camping during the biting cold months of winter is FUN?  This is something you don’t hear […]

Sharing is good

My mother taught me that sharing is good. So we share a lot.

Quality is limited

We are campers first and writers second. Please be patient with our less than perfect ramblings. 

Always honest

Honesty first and foremost. Integrity can't be taken, only given away.






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