Taking photos in the summer is soooo provincial. Now try taking your favourite camera into the […]
bruce watts cross country skiing in Algonquin Park
I’m a big fan of both. This isn’t a whinny comparison with blind evangelical enthusiasm. Let’s […]
The human body is a magical machine that is miraculously adaptive and resilient. Losing excess body […]
In the great outdoors knowing your P’s and Q’s is important, however knowing your W’s can […]
Trekking poles are now an essential part of my backpacking kit and have been since that […]
When wilderness camping,  you will be sharing the backwoods with countless hungry, curious critters. We are […]
Drinking in the backwoods has its challenges. Enjoying an adult beverage at the end of a […]
I discovered candle lantern goodness about 25 years ago and nothing has changed. They provide so […]
Spring hiking in the mountains has lots of surprises. Dangerous surprises. This doesn’t include the hungry […]

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