I’ve been hiking for over 40 years, and over time… my gear has evolved.   Originally […]
winter camping1
Introduction After a long and rewarding day on the trail, it’s so important to get some […]
Introduction Over the years my pack has slowly shrunk… the incredible shrinking pack! There are a […]
It was a new challenge for 3 keen campers … climb a winter high peak in […]
2020 is a strange year, heck it’s a nasty year, so why shouldn’t my Pukaskwa National […]
Planning for the Great Divide Trail is so very Canadian. Compared to the big 3 scenic […]
Going Stoveless is liberating. No fuel, easy to clean, lighter, simple, and easy. I’ve been going […]
Dudley NUL pack2
There are lots of camp gear lists that tell you what “you need”. Unfortunately many include […]
As a father, I discovered something my father knew, ALL kids like nature and camping. No […]

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