There are just so many beautiful natural treasures one can embrace in a month. After hiking […]
Our folding bikes fill the gap between no bike at all… and a performance machine. They […]
Some husbands may fly their wives on a plane to Paris for a romantic dinner, some […]
We have been spending way too much time living in the relative comfort of concrete RV […]
I like camping, all types of camping. Until recently I never knew concrete camping could be […]
Pick up new trailer – check ✔️… rig tested – check ✔️… unpack gear – check […]
A Christmas in the desert is so very strange for a northerner! NO iconic scenes of […]
We are finally in California… the “Eureka” state. We are lov’in it! It’s been a long […]
It’s late in the day and we have only 4 hours until the sun sets. We […]

Sharing is good

My mother taught me that sharing is good. So we share a lot.

Quality is limited

We are campers first and writers second. Please be patient with our less than perfect ramblings. 

Always honest

Honesty first and foremost. Integrity can't be taken, only given away.






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