General A Grizzly or Brown Bear can be distinguished from its Polar and Black Bear cousins […]
General Cannibalism is the act of humans eating the flesh of other humans. Today, the Korowai […]
General The Urban Cougar is the most widely distributed predator in the Americas. They come in […]
General  The black bear is much smaller than the grizzly bear and doesn’t have the muscular […]
General Alligators have been known to attack humans, but generally fear us. Although they rarely kill […]
General An earthquake is a sudden movement of the earth caused by the abrupt release of […]
General Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is an illness that can affect anyone at high altitude, typically […]
General If you see an avalanche coming – don’t panic!  You will only have seconds to […]
General Campology is all about “roughing it in comfort”.  We don’t want to simply survive – […]

Sharing is good

My mother taught me that sharing is good. So we share a lot.

Quality is limited

We are campers first and writers second. Please be patient with our less than perfect ramblings. 

Always honest

Honesty first and foremost. Integrity can't be taken, only given away.






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