Taking photos in the summer is soooo provincial. Now try taking your favourite camera into the winter wilds. The environment will play havoc with both your equipment and the quality of your pics. As everyone who adventures to the great outdoors during the winter knows … the scenery and photo opportunities can be stunning.

There is no need to stop taking pictures just because it is cold outside. Here are some simple tips and tricks to ensure your camera is ready when you are.


  • Carry your camera outside your jacket to keep it at “outside” temperatures,
  • When moving from the cold outside to the warm inside … seal your camera in an air-tight waterproof bag before you bring it inside – this protects your gear from the change in humidity that occurs when you move inside a warm building from the cold outdoors,
  • Don’t open the bag until the camera is at room temperature. Be patient … it can take 30 minutes. Warm air has more moisture and will condense when it comes in contact with a cold camera.
  • This can also apply when taking a cold camera out in a warm tent,
  • Get a waterproof camera bag to protect your precious investment from the snow … The bag will also seal the camera from moisture when moving from “Cold to Warm”,
  • When sleeping in your tent – remove your batteries and put them in an inside pocket somewhere in the warmth of the sleeping bag. Keep your camera outside the bag in a watertight container,
  • Bring extra spare batteries … the cold greatly reduces battery efficiency,
  • Carry spare batteries inside your jacket. A warm battery works better,
  • Cameras tend to underexpose shots with snow. Set the manual exposure control to +1 or even +1.5. The snow will be brighter, and the subject will be properly exposed.
camera cold1
Protect your camera not only from wind, rain, and snow… but also from condensation when moving from HOT to COLD – the Aquapac waterproof camera case.


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