I like camping, all types of camping. Until recently I never knew concrete camping could be so fun.

Camping can be defined as “a holiday in a mobile shelter that is not your regular residence”. This can include tents, tarps, trailers and motor homes… heck it even includes a cardboard box. However before I can appropriately discuss my newfound appreciation for the “slabs”… let’s give an overview of the 3 types of camping.

Types of Camping

Wilderness – Camping away from the luxuries and facilities of the city. In order to get there, you have to travel hours or even days for that sweet spot in the mountains, forests, jungles or desert. You carry all your gear. This includes backpacking, canoe and kayak tripping. Your shelter is a tent, tarp or under the stars.


Car – Your destination is an organized campground and your gear is transported by motor vehicle. This includes drive-in government and private parks. You will have a designated camping spot. There are limited facilities including water and toilets. Your shelter is a tent, trailer or motorhome.

Concrete – A combination of a city home and car camping. You have a designated a concrete slab for your camper which includes hookups for sewer, water and electricity. Heck… you often even have cable TV, Internet, laundry and a pool. Your shelter is a trailer or motorhome.

concrete Indian wells1
Rows of large campers all with their own slab of concrete – Indian Wells RV park, Indio California

Why Concrete

I’m not a camping snob. I like all types of camping, however concrete camping has it’s charms.

This was not an epiphany, the appreciation for concrete snuck up on me slowly. It took 45 years of wilderness camping, 3 cross continental adventures, and 6 decades of “maturing” until this realization hit me… I like the “slab”.

This is my journey to the dark side of camping. I was and still am a die hard wilderness camping fan. There is nothing better for my soul, mental health and personal growth, than to escape from the bright lights of the big city and venture deep into some wild paradise. I’m getting weepy eyes just thinking about it.

concrete indian wells
Our assigned slice of concrete. The smallest camper in the park – Indian Wells RV Park – Indio California
concrete regional park
Concrete camping – El Chorro Regional Park, San Luis Obispo, California

However in our pursuit of new wildness experiences, my good wife and I bought a small camping travel trailer and began our 1st trek across and around the continent. A year later this was followed by a 2nd trailer and another adventure. We are now on our 3rd travel trailer and yet another North American tour.

It’s important to point out that our trailer evolution was not about “up-grading”, however rather “right-grading”. After 3 years on the road, we are now better aware of our personal needs and wants… our improved self awareness has helped us select the best rig for us!


So here is the thing… after weeks on the road searching for new and awesome wilderness experiences, the “concrete slabs” give us a comfortable home away from home. There is laundry, showers, internet, stores and friendly people. All this helps us recharge and restock until our next push back into the wilds.

concrete indian wells3
Concrete camping does have it’s charms. Night view from our slab – Indian Wells RV Park – Indio California


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