Domestic dogs are all bred from wolves – a poodle is essentially a wolf. Whether it be a tiny 2 kg teacup chihuahua or a massive 100 kg great Dane, they all have the same basic drives and instincts of the noble grey wolf!  It is estimated there are over 80 million dogs in Canada and the USA – so there is no other predator with greater numbers – and they live amongst us!

The Numbers

Apart from humans, they are possibly the most dangerous animals on the planet. Each year about 2% of all Canadians and Americans are bitten by dogs, and 880,000 of those are serious enough to require medical attention.

Dogs do kill… on average, there are 32 human deaths from dog attacks each year in Canada and the USA.


Prevent Attack

Consider the following:

  • Most dog attacks are the result of poor training, bad owners, no restraints, taunting or zombism.
  • Don’t be “cat-ty”,
  • Avoid smiling at the dog – an aggressive dog may interpret this as you baring your teeth preparing for a fight,
  • Do not taunt a dog – don’t be an ass!
  • Dogs tied up for long periods are often more aggressive – do not get close,
  • Most dogs are not aggressive – but rather curious or territorial,
  • If the dog approaches you with its head held high or low, it is probably not going to attack – A dog whose head is level may be planning an attack!
  • If the dog approaches you in a loping gait, it is likely playful and curious – An even, steady run toward you is likely an attack!
  • Remain calm – dogs can sense fear, and this can make them more confident as they contemplate an attack.

When Attacked

Consider the following:

  • Most dogs are submissive to humans – a commanding “Down!” or “No” will often stop an attack,
  • Never run –  the dog’s natural instinct to chase prey can kick in, and you can’t outrun a dog,
  • Assume a non-threatening position – stand sideways to the dog and watch with your peripheral vision,
  • Hold your ground – after some barking, posturing and growling, the dog may lose interest and go away,
  • Protect your face, chest, and throat,
  • Dogs will often consider objects attached to you to be part of you – remove a shirt or jacket and allow the dog to bite the clothing,
  • Open an umbrella  –  this will confuse the dog and provide a barrier,
  • When the dog bites and clamps on – fight back, and use your entire body weight, their bones will break easily, get on the animal, put a cloth over the dog’s head,  and strike the throat, nose, eyes, limbs or ribs,
  • Spray the dog with water or air,
  • Throw cats at them!

Do not kick or strike at a dog with your hands or legs – the dog can easily catch your limbs – throwing rocks, toasters, beta machines, and other debris can be more effective,

survival dog

All dogs big or small, are originally bred from wolves. (Bailey hiking with Bruce – 6lbs of fluff)



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