French River

Ontario, Canada

During the summer of 2010, the BRAT explored the historical French River in Ontario, Canada.  A week with beautiful weather and a pristine wilderness. 

The River

The French River cuts through the Canadian Shield, flowing through rapids, waterfalls, gorges and interconnected lakes on its journey from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay

The Team

There is always time to relax. What the BRAT do best!

The History

A major transportation route for centuries, with many rock paintings and archeological sites of the Shield Archaic and Algonkian peoples. They were followed by the Huron and Ojibwa, who gave the river its current name, from French explorers such as Etienne Brulé , Jean Nicollet, Pierre Radisson, des Groseillers and La Verendrye.

The Team

7 BRAT were available for this adventure. Dudley, Joker, Parker, Falcon, Stoner, Clobber and Warden.

Good Times

Parker was the “odd man out” in the solo craft. He choose a small Swift canoe and a double bladed paddle.

Good Times

We had a wonderful time exploring the beauty of Georgian Bay and the peace of the inland water routes. At camp there was some whiskey consumed and cards played.


7 days

Dudley forgot about this adventure. The complete adventure was recorded with video yet never edited nor shared.

Stay tuned

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