Madawaska River

Ontario, Canada

The Madawaska was explored by the B.R.A.T. several times. Most of the adventures were before HD video. It’s like BRAT – not pretty yet fun.

The River

Just north of Ottawa, Ontario, the river is 230 km long. Its name comes from an Algonquian band of the region known as “Matouweskarini”, meaning “people of the shallows”

The Team

The team has paddled the Madawaska several times. This group was from 2006 – Stoner, Parker, Falcon, Clobber, Joker – photo by Dudley

The Adventure

Adventure around every corner. Dudley has paddled the river mostly with a canoe, on this trip he tested out a kayak.

Good Times

Parker and Clobber playing the rapids after supper.

Good Times

The Warden always with his camera. 

Good Times

Joker, Parker and the Falcon scouting the river


Oldie but a Goodie

The BRATs have explored the Madawaska several times. Unfortunately only SD video is available with limited quality – BEWARE – the quality is questionable, fun is inevitable 🙂

Short and Sweet

This video will give an idea of the fun we have with limited skills and boundly enthusiasm.

Have fun! Checkout all the adventures