Nahanni River

NWT, Canada

Located in the Northwest Territories of Canada’s north, the Nahanni River was explored by the B.R.A.T. during the summer of 2009. The Nahanni is an UNESCO world heritage site and a trip of a lifetime

The River

At Náįlįcho (Virginia Falls) the River drops twice the height of Niagara Falls. Nahanni National Park Reserve is 30,000 square kms and designated a  UNESCO world heritage site. The Dehcho First Nations welcomes adventurers.

The Team

The team was – Sparky, Joker, Falcon, Paul, Stoner, Clobber and Warden.

The Adventure

7 men, one raft and one canoe and lots and lots of gear. The team took turns piloting the raft and paddling the canoe. 


The BRAT dinner table. Something introduced to us be Clobber many year ago and it stuck.


Lots of breaks to scout the river and enjoy the moments. The river valley was both deadly and gorgious 

Good Times

Paul piloting the raft with Sparky and Stoner providing support.

The “Warden”

The “Warden” at the oars with Stoner and Joker providing support. This is one of the only photos of the Warden – he was our main photographer.


The BRAT explored the Nahanni River during the summer of 2009. No images or video have been released until now. It’s not great, but the adventure was!

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