Petawawa River

Ontario, Canada

This Canadian river located in eastern Ontario has been explored by the B.R.A.T. several times. Limited video was captured, but Dudley has a plan – STAY TUNED

The River

The river flows from Algonquin Provincial Park to the Ottawa River. The name comes from the Algonquian for “where one hears a noise like this”, which refers to its many rapids.

The Team

The team has paddled the Petawawa several times. This group was from 2004 trip – Dudley, Joker, Clobber, Stoner, Falcon and Sparky

The Adventure

The river has many class 1,2 and some 3. A great test for the BRAT’s skills  – Sparky navigating a class 2 

Good Times

Joker in the weeds – The river meanders through open water, swifts and rapids.

Good Times

Putting on at Travers Lake – one of our first trips as a team in 2004

Good Times

Clobber showing his skills.



The BRATs have explored the Petawawa many times. Yet nothing has been posted on YouTube. Dudley is in the process of fixing that!

In the meantime check out this old archived SD slide show from 20 years ago!

Have fun! Checkout all the adventures