Rideau Trail

Heritage Hiking

Dudley completed the trail twice. The first time solo in 2012, and the second time with his good friend “Crusher” in 2020

The Trail

 The Rideau Trail Association maintains and encourages low-impact, self-propelled use of the Trail. It’s a network of 450km of hiking trails between Kingston and Ottawa located in the general area of the Rideau Canal.

An “End to End” hike is 325 km.

The Gear

Dudley spends countless hours researching and testing gear to get the “perfect” kit tailored for each adventure.

Check out his gear choices for both 2012 and 2020

The Journey

The trail crosses terrain ranging from placid farmland to the rugged Canadian Shield. The Rideau Trail Association does not own any of the lands and the continuity of the trails is made possible by the generous permission of both private and public landowners.

The Rewards

While the beauty and the varying terrains of the Rideau Trail certainly lend themselves to a thru-hike, many logistics make it difficult. The lack of overnight accommodations, and limited access to water and food resupply makes a thru-hike difficult. 

These challenges if overcome, can give big rewards. 


Video 2020

Dudley Documented the 2020 Adventure on Video

The 2020 adventure was captured on video. Virtually join Dudley and Crusher on the hike without getting wet, cold or blisters. 

The following is episode #1 of 10

Video 2012

Dudley Documented the 2012 Adventure on Video

Captured on video – 13 episodes were created in late October so it was referred to as OKOTOBERQUEST.

The following is episode #1 of 13

WARNING – The series was captured and edited on an old iPhone 4. The low image quality and editing are reflective of 2012.


Dudley thru-hiked the Rideau Trail twice. First in 2012 solo, and a second time in 2020 with “Crusher”

These videos are his Trail Journal

Dudley’s Gear

Dudley spends countless hours researching and testing gear to get the “perfect” kit tailored for each adventure. Dudley’s gear is constantly evolving as new equipment is designed, innovative fabrics are invented and camping styles change.

Learn more about the Rideau Trail

Visit the Rideau Trail Association website to learn more. You may become interested in helping or perhaps even hiking the trail.