Adventure with wheels

Load up the car with your precious gear, hook up the trailer, recruit a good friend and explore where the heart takes you. National parks, off-track or big cities… get out of the car and explore whenever the spirit draws.

Tracy and Bruce have spent months crisscrossing the continent while living in a trailer. Some of the adventures are penned in the blog “Road Trip” while others are shared on video. Whatever medium, life is good on the road.

A 9-week trek around the continent living in a “tiny trailer”. Hike, backpack and climb with us from coast to coast to coast. 

Tracy and Bruce bought a new Escape trailer in 2016. This is a virgin voyage and we called it “The Escape Pod”. Three months on the road from coast to coast to coast.

The “Dempster” is a 740 km bucket list journey from Dawson City, Yukon to Inuvik, Northwest Territories offering incredible scenery, wide open spaces and remote beauty.