I’m not disconnected from reality!

I truly know there are 7 days in the week, 12 months in the year, and 24 hours in the day (except for the new Canadian metric clock of course)but when it comes to the 4 seasons, I take some liberties. I have created several sub-seasons for the traditional spring, summer, winter, and fall.

Why do you ask? because I’m a campologist of course!


To most, spring is a wonderful season. The world blossoms from the often cold and unforgiving winter. The plants, animals, and city dwellers emerge in masses from their respective winter hiding places. Plants safely nestled under the snow, animals from their dens, Canadians from hockey arenas, and Tim Horton restaurants.

As a campologist I hate spring.

I miss the crisp air, white snow, and frozen lakes of winter and I long for the warm dry days of summer. As the land, sea, and air transform into summer spring just hangs there as an in-between wet, damp, and mucky season! Fortunately the 3 seasons of spring essentially all pass in April and May, and then you are once again ready to move back into the backwoods with packs, canoes, kayaks, and good friends.

The 3 seasons of spring:


This sub-season starts at first melt. The snow is still on the ground, however, the above-freezing temperatures liquify the winter white gold into muddy paths, wet trails, slick roads, and un-skiable hills and trails.

Muck in the spring
Muck-wet trails are the norm in the spring


The second sub-season is marked by the trees and plants blossoming. The new emerging green also vomits blankets of pollen. Nasty anaphylactic micro-seeds cover your car, settle in your lungs, and attack your eyes. During these 3 weeks, I chow down daily doses of Claritin and complete long-neglected indoor chores.

spring allergies2
The 2nd season of spring is SNOT – Tree pollen on my car


The 3rd sub season sucks! Literally! The biting and sucking insects rise from the ponds, lakes, and muck with only one goalbiting you! This season provides extra challenges for campers, pets, and all hot-blooded creatures who brave the habitats of these micronasties.

Bugs in the spring
Bug populations explode in the spring and don’t reduce in numbers until the heat of the summer!

None of the sub-seasons are show-stoppers. You can still enjoy the great outdoors with a little knowledge, good gear, and a great attitude.


I personally ride my bike during the 3 seasons of spring!



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