Thelon River

NWT & Nunavut, Canada

The BRAT’s first major adventure was on the Thelon River in 2005. The video is poor but the memories are excellent

The River

A Canadian Heritage River, the Thelon originates in the Northwest Territories’ spruce-lined valleys, winding its way through a network of alpine lakes and finally emptying into Baker Lake and Chesterfield Inlet. The Thelon River is the largest in Nunavut and flows over 900 km across the Northwest Territories’ Mackenzie District.

The Team

Six members of BRAT joined the adventure; Stoner, Dudley, Falcon, Sparky, Parker and Clobber.

The Adventure

Wild and wonderful. The caribou had just passed and muskox was hiding, but several wolves came out to check the BRAT

Good Times

The river was easy, the weather challenging and the friendship was excellent.


Only 1 Episode

This was the first BRAT production. A simple slide show made into a video. It was fancy in its time but is a bit dated today.

Perhaps you still could enjoy it.

Have fun! Checkout all the adventures