The winter is a wonderful and a glorious time of the year.

For those lucky enough to be north of the snow line, there are so many sports and activities to enjoy during the cold season. Skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, hiking, photography, skating, hockey … etc etc. So much fun to be had, and only a few short months to goble it all up.

For those who embrace life and all that is thrown in their path … you will eventually have to leave your house and office to venture outside to enjoy to white gold of winter.


However it’s not all peaches and cream … the winter can be harsh, nasty and deadly if you are not prepared.  Before you load up your Subaru with granola and camping gear … consider preparing a “winter survival kit”.  Just in case stuff happens!

The following list is likely too much for most… however, read it over and consider what works for you.

Winter Driving Survival Kit:

  • road flares – three should be enough
  • lighter, and/or matches in a waterproof container
  • drinking water
  • purification tabs – for the long haul
  • fire-starters, home-made or commercial cubes like Wetfire or Esbit
  • chemical hand and foot warmers
  • a knife or multitool
  • a candle to warm hands, heat a drink or light a space
  • small flashlight with fresh batteries
  • first aid kit
  • two large orange garbage bags for shelter and rescue visibility
  • one space blanket for each person
  • a sleeping bag for every two people
  • whistle
  • chocolate, canned nuts, or freeze-proof food in a mouse-proof container
  • jumper cables
  • small collapsible snow shovel
  • road salt
  • extra tuques, gloves, socks and boots
  • gas line anti-freeze
  • maps, compass and/or GPS to get you home
  • gas in a tank kept at least half full, plus a jerry can of extra
  • cellphone and radio
  • solar battery pack and charger for electronics

Pack these items and you will be safe and warm for any winter emergency… plus you will also be prepared for a zombie pandemic for that matter!



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