Appalachian Trail 2022
Gear List


Dudley hiked the first part of the Appalachian Trail starting on April 6, 2022, from Georgia to Pennsylvania – he was forced off the trail with Covid during the first week of June. He “restarted” the adventure in June 2023 and finished on August 20th. Watch on YOUTUBE. Most of the gear he began with made it to Katahdin, but some did not. This list is what Dudley had with him when he finished.


Understanding the gear chart

Worn items

Items worn on the hiker and are not in the pack


Consumerable items such a food, & fuel

Certified 100 days

Gear wom over 100 days and still going strong


On the list but Dudley is still testing the item


My Gear

 If you are looking for gear ideas, you can check out Dudley’s gear lists from past adventures. Perhaps you are interested in a more generic gear checklist, then check out our  Checklists

Dudley’s gear changes with each adventure

Always looking for the “perfect” kit. His gear choices continue to evolve as technology changes, fabric improves and tailored to ecosystems and seasons.