bruce watts cross country skiing in Algonquin Park

I’m a big fan of both.

This isn’t a whinny comparison with blind evangelical enthusiasm. Let’s be clear … I’m not an advocate of either, and I passionately enjoy both!

I think I’m uniquely qualified to compare with thousands of kilometres on the Nordic skinnies, decades on the telemark boards, and countless descents on my alpine planks.


The first point I must say is why bother to compare?

I have been at the ski chalet enjoying a cold apres-ski barley beverage with gravity slaves, and it’s inevitable, that someone will make some silly ill-informed disparaging comment about my cross-country comrades. More common is the disdain (maybe jealously) fixed heelers have for my telemark free-heeln’ brethren. I can’t figure that one out at all.

One thing history has taught us about hate, disdain, prejudice and distrust is they are not based on reason, but rather sketchy part-truths layered with a sprinkling of insecurity.

I must say, my Nordic buddies often don’t seem to harbour the same ill feelings for alpine skiers. Heck if I know why?

With all that silliness off my chest, I loaded up with a season pass for the ski hill and one for the cross-country trails … I’m waiting with eager anticipation for the magical snow. White gold!

Compare Alpine vs Nordic skiing:

  • hard on the knees vs. hard on the lungs
  • cold vs. hot,
  • fast vs. not so much,
  • really really expensive vs. not so much,
  • stylin’ vs. who cares!
  • Nov-May vs. Dec-April, (because of snowmaking)
  • fat vs. skinny,
  • fixed heels vs. free heal,
  • Mountain vs. hills,
  • poutine vs. granola
  • beer vs. wine
  • goggles vs. glasses
  • mitts vs. gloves

What they have in common:

  • Great for the whole family,
  • Zombies can’t do either,
  • Better than Playstation,
  • Clean healthy Fun!

No matter how you look at it, they are both a great way to pass the winter. Now get off the computer and get outside … Rough it in comfort ©



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