Going Stoveless is liberating. No fuel, easy to clean, lighter, simple, and easy. I’ve been going stoveless for the past 5 years and loving it. In this video, I will share what I have learned about going stoveless and more important, my primer on Cold Soaking.

Why Cold Soak

It’s hard to convince a hardcore “Stovie” that going stove-less is a good thing. There are times when a stove is better, but stoveless has lots of advantages and has been my first choice for most of my backpacking trips in the last 5 years.

Firstly cold soaking is good for the lazy! It’s easy, and fast and there is almost no clean-up. Cold soakers will be fed, cleaned and food hung for the night long before the average “Stovie” even starts to eat!


The second is it’s much lighter. No stove, no fuel, and no pots… the average “Stovie’s” kitchen kit will be 500-1000 grams heavier.

Finally… with no fossil fuels burnt and any recycled canisters used… means cold soaking is much friendlier on Mother Earth!

Please check out the following video… it shows my favourite jars, food, and tips!

Video – Cold Soaking 101

Cold Soak Food

I like to start all my cold-soaking recipes with one of my preferred bases. Each is easy to pick up at the local grocer and they all rehydrate within a couple of hours or less. They are Instant Rice, Instant Potatoes, Couscous, Ramen noodles, and Instant porridge for breakfast.    

The Base

  • Oatmeal – Prefer Quaker Brand is assorted flavours
  • Grits – not my thing and less available in Canada,
  • Ramen – Cheap and easy,
  • Macaroni – Takes too long to rehydrate,
  • Couscous – Excellent choice and rehydrates well, 
  • Instant mash potatoes – come in different flavours and can be added to just about anything to add texture,
  • Instant Rice – It must be instant. Regular rice takes days to cold soak,
  • Refried beans – Great option, instant refried beans are hard to find and can be difficult for the stomach,
  • Dried veggies – Available at many bulk food stores,
  • Dried fruit – Excellent addition but not a base,
  • Soups – Great lunch option,
  • Hummus/tabouli – Excellent but hard to find,
  • Freeze-dried/dehydrated foods – Excellent choice but can be expensive – however really tasty!
coldsoaking jars3
Cold Soaking Jars L-R: Talenti & Garage Grown Gear (16 oz), Peanut Butter, CNOC, Vargo BOT, HumanGear Click, LiteSmiths.com (12 & 20oz versions)


  • Pad Thai (a)- ramen with sriracha and peanut butter
  • Pad Thai (b)- ramen, Phad Thai mix, powdered peanut butter, and peanuts 
  • Potatoe Joy – Instant mash potatoes with mayonnaise for maximum calories and creaminess
  • Mediterranean – couscous, roasted garlic, olive oil,  mayonnaise, and salmon packet
  • Refried Beans – Dehydrated beans mixed with instant rice and taco seasoning
  • Super Cereal – Rolled oats, dried fruit, vanilla instant pudding powder, dehydrated milk, add granola after cold soaking
  • Cereal Punch – Instant cereal, vanilla/chocolate protein powder, dried apple chips, crushed peanuts.
  • Frito Nutella Peanut Pie – layers of Fritos, sun-melted Nutella, and peanut butter becomes a bar overnight when cool
  • Asian Magic – Dehydrated lentils, curry powder, coconut milk powder
  • Curry Favours – instant rice, coconut milk powder, curry powder, dried veggies
  • Cheesy Broccoli Rice – instant rice, cheese powder, butter powder, dehydrated broccoli

** Check out the post about my HACK for cold soaking with my secret weapon – Freeze-Dried Meals


*many borrowed from www.litesmith.com



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  1. This may seem like a terrible question, but any good ideas for gluten free cold soaking/ no cook trail meal ideas?
    I know how yo do snacks etc but in need of way less grains in dinner meals.. I am gouten sensitive but not celiac. Thank you:)

    • Great question… but I’m not qualified to answer that quesion completely… I’m not a nutritionist. WARNING… all my food recommendations are based on calories to “keep you going”… Sorry and the best of luck!

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