Fish are an extremely valuable food source, containing protein, vitamins and fats. The following techniques are for survival fishing only – please obey all local rules and regulations.


When it’s hot and the water is low, deep-shaded water is probably where you should look. In cold weather, look in shallow areas where the sun warms the water. In fast-flowing streams, focus on areas where still water exists like eddies, shores and bays.


The best time to get a catch is just before dawn or just after dusk and when bad weather is imminent. Leave lines out overnight and check the just dawn.



  • Line and Hook  –  Line and hook are part of your survival kit. It not, you can improvise hooks from safety pins, thorns, bone and wood. Fish are more likely to take bait native to their water, so learn what’s on the local fish diet before venturing out. Insects, worms, small fruits, bread, and raw meat, can all be used as bait. The more hooks you have in the water the greater your chance of catching a meal. Don’t scare off the fish; stay back from the edge, keeping your shadow off the water, and fish from a sitting or kneeling position.
  • Spear – For best results, make a forked spear. Hunt in shallow water where your catch is more visible. Aim slightly below the fish to allow for the refraction of its image at the surface.
  • Net – Make a gill net by tying together string to create a mesh 4 x 4 centimetres. Stretch it across the stream and use weights on the bottom.
  • Traps – Unlike hooks and nets, traps can be left for days.  Consider these options:

a)  Tidal – Along the seashore at low tide, build a circular rock wall with large rocks. Plug with small stones to prevent fish from escaping. When the tide recedes, check your trap.

b)  Stream – Build a wall or dam across a small stream. Divert the flow through a small opening on one side. Set up a net across the small opening to catch the fish.



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