To avoid heat-related illnesses: 

  • Avoid strenuous activity on hot days,
  • Wear loose clothing and a wide-brim hat,
  • Drink plenty of fluids and take salt tablets
  • Move to Antarctica. 

Heat exhaustion 

Heat exhaustion is not uncommon when water is not sufficient. The body becomes dehydrated and salt-depleted, resulting in nausea, faintness, a weak rapid pulse and/or cold and clammy skin. Treatment includes plenty of rest, and liquid and salt tablets.


Sunstroke may occur when the camper is exposed to excessive sun. The body becomes overheated and provides too much blood to the circulatory system resulting in a flushed, hot face, rapid pulse, headache and/or dizziness. Treat sunstroke by resting in a cool area, and applying and consuming cold liquid (no margaritas, piña coladas or any other alcohol – sorry!). Reduce the likelihood of sunstroke by wearing a lightweight, light-coloured, wide-brim hat. It is particularly important in open water and the desert.



Hyperthermia is when the body overheats causing heat exhaustion and cramps – factors that affect hyperthermia include:

  • Hot air temperature, 
  • Solar or reflected radiation, 
  • Poorly ventilated clothing, 
  • Low fitness level, 
  • Excess body bulk. 

Heat Stroke 

Heat stroke is the most serious level of hyperthermia. The victim will have little or no perspiration, a hot and flushed face, a full pulse, and become either apathetic or aggressive. Cool the victim as quickly as possible, particularly the head, neck and chest. If the person’s body temperature continues to rise, the camper could eventually suffer unconsciousness, delirium, convulsions and ultimately death.

IMPORTANT – The procedures described on this website are not a substitute for medical, first aid or CPR training. Always seek treatment from a trained medical professional whenever possible.



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