So you would think that a man who has every gadget known to mankind would have a portable car battery charger, and know how not to kill a car battery.

The Campologist, with a knowledge base that has been known to rival Wikipedia, I felt confident travelling in a brand new trailer with him. Surely he knew about trailers or so I thought.

As we prepared for our adventure, and being the cautious organizer that I am, I prepared a folder of all the trailers manuals, organized and labelled them ready to be read.

All good… a little luck can be welcome!

The Campologist assured me that he would read them and urged me to concentrate on clearing up my work commitments.

We rolled into our first stop at Walmart for the night, and as we lay in bed I casually said to the Campologist “don’t we have to unhook the trailer electrical hookup from the car?” To which he replied, “no it’s ok”. Having confidence that he read the manuals, I fell asleep only to be awoken at 5:00 am to blinking lights on the fridge and dimming lights overall.

We packed up and got into our car, for our next day. The Campologist turned the key, the car battery was dead.

I wanted to shout out “I told you so”, but decided that we had 3 months and 14 more days to live together in this small trailer, So I took the high road and said, “well, what do we do know ?“

24 hr Walmart to the rescue. We trudged into the store and found the only battery charger pack on the shelf. We seemed to be guided to it by a round yellow glow of light over it, guiding our way.

We sat inside Walmart, found a wall plug, and charged it up while the Campologist read the instructions.

Hallelujah, you can teach an old dog new tricks.



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