In the great outdoors knowing your P’s and Q’s is important, however knowing your W’s can save your butt.

I don’t mean the “World Wide Web”, I’m talking about the 3 key factors for staying comfortable in the backwoods. Heck, they are relevant anywhere.

Handling the Ws is easy when you are nestled in a white vinyl-sided, cookie-cutter home, perfectly aligned in the suburbs. Handling the 3W’s in the ever-changing and unforgiving backwoods will take the right gear and an awareness of how the body responds in harsh environments.


Master the 3W’s and you will be more comfortable, but more importantly, you will increase the likelihood of survival.


Avoid getting wet. When you are wet, you will lose valuable body heat at an alarming rate. Even in the hot summer months, you can get hyperthermia when your core body temperature dips. Keep dry from the outside and inside. The rain and snow from the outside and your sweat from the inside.


In the great outdoors, you generally have only one reliable available heat source … it’s you. Your body is an efficient machine. It’s nature’s furnace. Since all good furnaces need quality fuel, keep your body stoked with quality eats. The second warmth factor is your insulation. Keep your valuable heat trapped with quality insulation.


The wind will suck the warmth. Combine a modest wind with wet skin, and you will soon be either very uncomfortable or worse, a human popsicle. Take your breaks in natural wind shelters, and ensure your clothing and tent will stop the cold winds.


There is so much that can be said about all the 3W’s. The more you know, and the better your gear, the more comfortable you will be.

Stay tuned for future posts on each of the W’s … Rough it in comfort.



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