There is something about a good pocket knife that somehow completes me. Perhaps it is hard-wired […]
When you are camping, there all always things that need to be strapped up, on or […]
I didn’t die… nor did I sleep! This is a short, yet painfully accurate reflection of […]
Some believe wilderness camping is a rough and arduous pursuit. Not me! These cynical camp-less folks […]
My “essential” list is small, light and crafted from decades of experience.  Two items that surprise […]
With the summer finally here, everyone knows to apply sunscreen, drink plenty of water and stay […]
General Although they appear gentle, moose attack hikers and tourists every year throughout North America. Some […]
General This jelly-like marine invertebrate is also known as the Portuguese Man-of-War or bluebottle. The name […]
General Being lost can be very frightening. Bad weather, early darkness or an unexpected injury can […]

Sharing is good

My mother taught me that sharing is good. So we share a lot.

Quality is limited

We are campers first and writers second. Please be patient with our less than perfect ramblings. 

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Honesty first and foremost. Integrity can't be taken, only given away.






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