Some believe wilderness camping is a rough and arduous pursuit. Not me!

These cynical camp-less folks often think camping should be an uncomfortable experience. Routinely I am lectured by some know-it-all city slicker – who hasn’t camped a day in his life – about how camping is all about leaky tents, cold sleeping bags, and armies of biting insects. My short response … he’s WRONG

Some minimalists truly enjoy the profound personal challenge of “just surviving” in the great outdoors. “Deal with it”, they may say… “camping IS roughin’ it”. Still not me!


Roughing it is not my style. I believe that no matter where or when you camp… you can always be comfortable. It’s simple. All you need is 3 things; the right gear, a little knowledge, and a positive attitude.

When you have the right gear, the comforts of home will travel with you. This doesn’t mean LOTS of stuff, but rather the RIGHT stuff. Secondly is knowledge. The right gear is only beneficial if you know how to use it. This includes; where to pitch your tent, camp craft, bear avoidance, clothing needs, bowel evacuation management strategy, and of course zombie awareness.

Last yet MOST importantly … you must have a positive attitude. If you are a negative person, don’t even bother camping.

Mother nature can throw many challenges at you. You must be prepared to handle it all with a smile. Rain, sleet, snow, high winds, sasquatches, swarms of hungry bugs, and freezing temperatures … these are just normal variables for the happy camper.  Consider this … if you only camped when the weather was perfect, the bugs were on vacation, or perhaps only when you were having a good hair day … you would NEVER go camping.

Bring a positive attitude and you will enjoy life more, and perhaps you will even be better company for your fellow campers 🙂

There you have it. Experience has shown me that you can rough it in the great outdoors and remain comfortable no matter what! All you need is the right gear, a little knowledge and a positive attitude.

Rough it in comfort ©.



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