A Christmas in the desert is so very strange for a northerner!

NO iconic scenes of snow covered forests, NO Jack Frost’s artistic stylings on our home windows, NO winter parka’s, NO egg nog around the fireplace… nothing seems quit right!

Spending Christmas in the desert is all wrong for me. The warm, dry climate just don’t match the short days for my hard wired internal climate cycles! Short days to me are for the winter… and winter means snow!


Likely the most important disparity is Santa Claus.

Everyone knows Santa is Canadian. His home, toy factory, and reindeer all are somewhere hidden in the North West Territories of the Great White North!

So many questions. How can the reindeer and sledge travel in the desert? How does the sledge runners manage the rocks and dirt? Is Santa’s suit too warm for the desert?

desert hiking
Hiking the desert during Christmas time seemed “just wrong” for a northerner – Morrow Trail, Palm Desert, California

I must also point out that while Santa is Canadian… Jesus is from the middle east. Even more to the point… Jesus was born in the DESERT. So the very first Christmas was celebrated by 3 Wise DUDES … in the DESERT!

Irrespective of Santa’s nationality or Jesus’s birth place… Christmas is for everyone. My fellow campers at the DESERT RV park celebrate Christmas with the same joyish spirit as us northerners… it’s just warmer. Sandals rather than mukluks, sun hats vs toques and cold beer vs hot toddies!

It may be strange to some, however I still prefer a Christmas with snow rather than dirt… perhaps it’s my northern blood!

desert palms
Palm trees at sunset – Christmas like the original
desert lights1
RV’s with Christmas lights – Indio, California
desert lights7
No snow… but this is one polar bear – Indio, California
desert lights FB
No trees… but there are lots of Cactus’ – Indio, California


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