We are finally in California… the “Eureka” state. We are lov’in it!

It’s been a long time coming and a huge haul to get here. However it’s absolutely worth it… so far!

The state itself is an economic powerhouse and her eco-systems are some of the most diverse in the world. In the first few days, we have experienced ocean surf, mountains, rain forests, deserts, giant old growth red wood trees… and the best hot tamales I have ever enjoyed.


This place has blown up my expectations and far exceeded our hopes.

It’s not just the surf and summits… the cultures and human history that crafted this state appears to have cultured some of the nicest people. With few exceptions, everyone treats us like royalty when they discover we are tourists from Canada. This is often followed by a long list of questions about Canada’s health care, gun control, governments and schools. However what seems to most dominant so many American’s is “What do Canadian’s think about their current president?”

No comment!

camping beach
Camping at the beach was glorious – Carpenteria , California
love beach
Bruce loves the beach – Pismo Beach, California

We made a conscience decision to avoid all political discussions with the primary reason of not potentially offending any good folks who were in fact our hosts of this wonderful state and country. Being a political person myself, I found this difficult. However we both agreed it was the right thing to do as respectful guests.

Our first stop in California was a quick overnight stay at a private “un-named” campground within Humboldt Redwood State. The campground was questionable at best, however the drive to get their was beyond awesome. The “Avenue of the Giants” is a narrow off-beaten alternate roadway that parallels the mainstream 101 Highway. The “Avenue” itself snakes around giant old growth red woods and frankly left us both wonderstruck.

VIDEO – Avenue of the Giants

When we were in the northern bits of California, it is actually the same latitude as the southern tip of Ontario. Don’t be fooled. It was cold during our first Californian night. The furnace roared as needed and we slept cozy and warm.

Our first multiple night stay was at El Chorro Regional Park at San Lius Obispo. We finally had time to relax and unwrap much of the new trailer. We also fully tested the TV and electronics, used the shower for the first time, and cleared our virgin tanks for the at the dump station.


We went for groceries, hiked the local trails and visited the ultimate tourist spot … The Hearst Castle.

For the first time in 10 days we were becoming truly relaxed. Good times.

hearst castle
Tracy & Bruce enjoyed the day at Hearst Castle
beach sunset - South Carlsbad State Beach
Tracy enjoying the end of the day right – South Carlsbad State Beach


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