We sold our beloved camp trailer “Betty” for Maple Syrup … absolutely true!

Betty was a dear friend. She always kept us warm, dry and safe.  Wherever we travelled, her sleek aluminum shell gave us sound protection from the elements. Her solid aluminum frame was light, and strong and provided us with timeless confidence.

What’s not to like?


Enter our offspring’s offspring … Aubrey!  The sweetest bundle of erratic, loud, dirty … yet joyous positive energy a grandparent could wish for.  This new bundle of joy won’t change our adventure-lust, however rather adjust our timing, locations and yes … our camping stylings.


Tracy & Bruce say goodbye to Betty

We wanted to continue our adventurous campologist’s lifestyle, however, we needed to make some adjustments to better share it with our children and grandchildren. The decision to share was easy … however, it was difficult to decide how to do this.

One thing for sure is we needed a new RV. It needed to be light, small and lean, yet big and strong enough to protect at least 4 people (Betty only accommodated 2 comfortably).   These contradicting principles of light vs comfort, haunt all campologists no matter what your camping stylings may be!

We reflected hard and long and came up with a plan.

Our Plan

  1. Simplify – We sold a heap of our excess worldly stuff, including our dear friend Betty.
  2. New RV – After months of research, we eventually chose a NEW “grandparent ready” recreational vehicle (a secret for now … this post is about Betty)
  3. Plot a course – There are so many great places to visit, and so many adventures awaiting future “Trailer Talks”

Betty’s Future

Enough about us … what happened to Betty? Did we sell her for Maple Syrup?

The short of it… Betty has found a good new home and will be just fine.  Yes… we did actually sell her for Maple Syrup (plus some undisclosed cash considerations).  It doesn’t get much more Canadian than that!  The Great White North always takes pride in her world-class sugary liquid gold … and there is no greater producer of this delicious culinary miracle than Quebec – La Belle Province!

bye bye betty

Paul & Marie-Christine – the new owners of Betty

So when a deal was brewing for Betty’s adoption … the maple syrup currency sweetened the deal.  The next all-important question is, was this potential new family good enough for Betty? The only way to know for sure was to conduct an adoption interview!


With a tentative conditional adoption hammered out by email and telephone … we then met personally to ensure they would be good enough for Betty.

At the meeting, it was love a first sight for the new parents. It appeared to be a match made in heaven. I was a little jealous frankly of this newfound connection, it was nevertheless time to let Betty go.

The new guardians – Paul Boule and Marie-Christine Harvie of Quebec City – seem like great people, and no doubt will take good care of Betty.

Betty has a new loving home …  we now have a garage full of maple syrup … and our next chapter will be “sweet”.



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