I discovered candle lantern goodness about 25 years ago and nothing has changed. They provide so many good things in a small package.

Camping in warm weather they are great … however, during cold or damp adventures, they are super great. A God’s send.

During a dry summer night, there is very little that soothes the soul better than a campfire. They provide a delicious ambiance, a social centrepiece and the amber glow fills your camp.  However on a sub-zero winter night, or during an unforgiving biting rain … a campfire just doesn’t cut it like the comfort of a single candle lantern inside a well-designed tent.


However, they are not without their concerns … most of which are around safety. They need to be hung in your tent safely away from all walls and gear. There is also the ever-present danger of carbon monoxide poisoning if your tent or shelter isn’t ventilated … however, all these concerns can be managed by any thoughtful camper.  Then all that is left, are the many great things about candle lanterns.

Candle Lantern Charms:

  1. Fast and easy – They take 20 seconds to hang and 2 seconds to light … campfires take 30 minutes to harvest wood (often the pickn’s are slim) and another 30 minutes until the fire is roarin’, 
  2. All night long – If your ventilation is good, leave the candle burning all night and keep the inside of your tent drier. Most good quality candles will burn for 6-8 hours,
  3. Removes dampness – After a long day hiking in the rain or skiing in the snow … much of your gear will get damp no matter how hard to try to remain dry … light up a candle lantern and the damp air in your tent turns dry. Everything will be right as rain (the pun doesn’t work here),
  4. Provides Light – Not enough to read, but enough to manage your gear and settle for the night,
  5. Unbelievable amount of heat – On a cold winter night, I and a buddy could settle into our tent with the air outside dipping below -25ºc. With a single candle-burning lantern, plus the body heat of 2 big campers … the in-tent temperature would hover near 5ºc. Comfortable enough to play an epic round of euchre without gloves. 
  6. Warmer than campfire – Not actually … however, YOU will be warmer in a tent with a candle lantern, compared to around a campfire on a cold winter night biting at the back of your neck … significantly warmer.

 On your next cold-weather adventure … or any camping trip for that matter, think about bringing a candle lantern. Waxed gold!

candle lantern camp 1200
Candle lanterns replace campfires when it’s just too darn cold! (image by Jack Bauer – mountainphotography.com)


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