They are typically very gentle and peaceful animals. There are very few recorded attacks on humans – however because of their enormous size – caution is always recommended. 


  • They live on 2 continents – Africa and Asia,
  • The largest land animal on the planet – up to 4 metres high at the shoulders, and weight up to 12,000 kilograms,
  • Puberty at 13-14 years of age,
  • They have offspring until fifty years old and live to seventy,
  • A cow produces a single calf per pregnancy – and rarely twins,
  • The interval between births is 2-4 years,
  • The trunk, a union of the nose and upper lip, is a highly sensitive organ with over 100,000 muscles,
  • They cry, play, laugh, and have incredible memories.


Elephants are very friendly animals. However, their habitat is increasingly becoming occupied by humans, resulting in increased human-animal conflict.  

If attacked, consider the following:

  • Elephants might look big and slow – but they can run really-really-fast, 
  • Run in a zig-zag pattern – elephants find it difficult to pursue,  
  • Do not run uphill – they will easily catch up, 
  • Run downhill – they will abandon the pursuit. It can’t maintain balance and fears toppling over,
  • If the elephant is a zombie – there is no hope!
  • If you are attacked in North America – you are in a zoo – call 911.

ReferenceElephant Information Repository



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