Finally the NEW trailer is delivered.

Like rookie parents we are a little awe struck and overwhelmed. There is so much to learn and discover when you first get a new trailer. Where are all the plugs, cords, boggles, do-dads and thing-a-gigs… and likely more important… where does all that bio-waste go!.

We have owned other trailers, and even travelled the continent from ocean to ocean to ocean twice before. However despite this fact, our previous experience gave us little comfort when we set our eyes on the Escape Pod for the very first time.


She is completely and utterly beautiful, we both privately thought as we first gazed at her, followed by an exchange of childish glances and joyous smirks. We have a new baby and she is gorgeous.

Picking up the trailer directly from the Escape Trailer Industries factory in Chilliwack British Columbia has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Driving 50 hours and 4,500 kms to get there was a chore, yet it had it’s charms. However once we got there, we were treated like family.

We arrived on a Tuesday morning for our scheduled delivery and orientation. We spent the next 3 hours in the good hands of a friendly team of folks. We went through the trailer from top to bottom, completed some last minute personalized modifications, handled all the financials, and finally we hooked up the trailer. We exchanged final pleasantries and hands shakes and we were all done.

VIDEO – Picking Up The New Trailer

We were definitely overwhelmed, yet sprinkled with dash of joy, as we sat in the parking lot with the NEW trailer and truck coupled and ready to roll. Our brains were filled to the brim, and our minds were in a haze. We were slightly numb… comfortably numb.

There was however no time to pause. It was very late in the season and Jack Frost was coming soon. We needed to leave Dodge pronto in order to avoid the pending snow in the high country as we headed to our intended southern destinations.

So with our new shiny trailer we left the parking lot with no planned destination nor time frame. We did however have an agreed direction…. south.

Let the road trip begin.



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