Exciting times… we have a new baby on the way.

About 9 months ago we never expected this. Tracy and I were passively searching for our next new and “best” camp trailer ever when we stumbled upon Escape Trailers of Chilliwack British Columbia. These sweet fibreglass-shelled puppies were relatively small, yet seemed to have all we wanted and more importantly … needed. We had already crossed the continent twice before in 2 other trailers, so by now, we were experienced RV’ers. Our mobile camping stylings were stabilizing…. we knew what we wanted.

Passionately guided by our hearts and minds, and with a dash of faith, we ordered a brand NEW model 5.0TA … and a new trailer was conceived.


Well, it’s been 7 short months, and she is now ready to be delivered. We are so excited to meet our new member of the family.

Let’s explain more.

If you want an Escape trailer, they are only available directly from the factory… there are no dealers. We wanted this trailer. So we plopped down a deposit and waited. It then took about 7 months from order to completion. During that time we worked directly with an assigned customer service person to sort out all our personal tweaks, alterations, colours and options. So when we finally pick up our custom-made new baby, it will be a tailored fit for Tracy and Bruce. Can’t wait.

Escape trailer people will deliver the finished trailers at a reasonable cost, however, we wanted to pick it up ourselves for 3 reasons:

  1. Road Trip – the adventure of driving across the northern bits of the USA,
  2. California – We wanted to enjoy California in the winter. Most eastern snowbirds enjoy Florida, while western snowbirds have better access to California. So California is a rare special treat for folks from Ontario!
  3. Money – not paying the delivery charge easily covered the road trip costs.

Our Trailer

It’s a 21-foot 5th-wheel trailer. By 5th-wheel standards, it could be the tiniest available. We hope to travel to lots and don’t plan on staying in any one place for long. It must be easy to tow, and park and it must fit into tight places. Mostly it needs to be comfortable for 2 people with the option of another couple and of course… grandkids!

We are calling the trailer “the Escape Pod” … although it may get a more personal name once we meet her.

Escape Pod creation 1000
Our actual trailer in the factory – the company has been sending photo updates of the production progress

Road Trip

The cross-continental journey to pick up our new trailer was originally supposed to be a glorious marital adventure. Quality time while exploring new states, parks and mountains along the way. However, things changed.


Tracy had some urgent matters that appeared at the last moment. Delaying the pickup of our NEW trailer wasn’t an option in our mind because it was getting late in the season and it would increase the potential for snow in the high country of Washington and Oregon states on the way to California. So we improvised.

We packed the truck with all the gear needed for 5 months and I headed west on a solo road trip. Tracy remained in Ottawa to complete her chores, and will fly out to Chilliwack in a few days… then together we will meet our NEW baby.

Then let the adventures begin in our Escape Pod!

Columbia River
Road Trip – Stopping at the Columbia River, Washington for a photo


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