Our folding bikes fill the gap between no bike at all… and a performance machine. They are great, however, more than anything they frankly stir a lust that can’t be fully scratched with only 24” wheels. Truly bigger is better!

I love my performance roady. Perfectly sized, comfortable for long rides, and nimble on the asphalt. I can bop out 50 kilometres before breakfast and return with a smile on my face.

My high-end mountain bike is a trusty well-designed machine. She can handle any trail or obstacle my skills can manage, from bike paths to rocky trails, there are few limits.


What’s the issue then?

When you are on the road travelling from park to park, town to town, state to state… transporting a full-sized bicycle is always an issue.

folder bike4
Folders are convenient… however, we truly missed a quality road bike for those big rides – Topsail State Park, Florida

Main considerations:

Space – Where do you carry these machines? There are lots of options, however, every one of them requires expensive racks or cases… taking up valuable storage space on top, inside or behind your RV or vehicles.

Security – Once you have your bikes affixed or stowed, how secure are they from theft? This is a real concern. When your expensive bikes are proudly displayed on the outside of your rig, it’s like window shopping for potential thieves.

Environment – When your bikes are attached outside, you should be concerned about the environmental hardships of your expensive toys. Rain, snow, dust and mud are just a few of the real concerns a serious biker has to consider.

folder bike2
Bruce & Tracy – a 40km day on the bike paths of Tucson, AZ


This is where the folders excel… they take less space and can be secured inside your vehicle protected from both the environment and potential thieves. They do fall short on performance, however, they still get you around for those short sub-40-kilometre rides.

Like most good things in life… it’s always a compromise.



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