I’ve been hiking for over 40 years, and over time… my gear has evolved.  

Originally one of the most important factors was price. I was young, with less disposable coin and frankly less committed to the sport. This has changed.

As time moved, so did my knowledge, skills, and commitment.  Likely the biggest changes to my gear list were because of these 3 issues; more available money, improved product technology, and changing camping styles.

  1. Money – With life came family, careers, increased incomes, and eventually reduced expenses as the children moved out of the nest.  That $500 tent no longer seemed unaffordable. 
  2. Technology – Gear has evolved so much in 40 years.  Gortex, nylons, shoes, fabrics, tent designs, pack designs, sleep pads, stoves, water bottles, and water purification just to name a few things. All the new tech improved both the quality of the hike and the weight of the load.
  3. Styles – Developing parallel to the improved tech was changing camping stylings. Lighter loads, frameless packs, cold soaking, quilts, and single-wall tents. Camping can now be both lighter and more comfortable – the holy grail of backpacking. 

During the first half of the Bruce Trail, I geared up with the best gear and techniques at the moment based on my “stuff”… fast forward a few months and my gear had changed yet again. This time even lighter, and consequently the whole hiking experience became easier, more enjoyable,  and better for the old joints, muscles, and bones.

I prepared the video below just before leaving on the second half of the Bruce Trail… and my gear list is still changing! Usually lighter, but not always…. because it’s all about “roughing it in comfort

Video – My Gear

List prepared at www.lighterPack.com



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