Cannibalism is the act of humans eating the flesh of other humans. Today, the Korowai of New Guinea,  are the only known peoples that still eat human flesh as a cultural practice. It is also still known to be practised as a ritual in Melanesia.

In the past, cannibalism was widespread throughout the world, notably;  in some South Pacific islands, Melanesia, Fiji, the Amazon Basin, the Congo and the Māori people of New Zealand. There is no evidence of ritualistic or cultural practices of cannibalism amongst the First Nation peoples of North America. However it is believed that European Neanderthals practised cannibalism, and they may have been in return eaten by our modern human ancestors.

There have been documented cases of mentally ill persons who have obsessed about eating others, such as; Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert Fish and the fictional character Hannibal Lector, who was portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in the “Silence of the Lamb” movie franchise. There is resistance from the medical community to formally identify cannibalism as a mental disorder.

cannibal clown nose
Wearing a clown nose could save your life!

Avoid Being Dinner

To reduce the likelihood of an unpleasant encounter with a cannibal: 

  • Stay out of areas cannibals are known to frequent,
  • Act like a vegetable,
  • Use lots and lots of insect lotion – they may not “bug” you!
  • Never “high 5” a cannibal – apparently the palms of the human hand are the tastiest parts,
  • Wear a necklace of brussels sprouts – no one likes brussels sprouts,
  • Don’t go to dinner with anyone who has sharpened teeth,
  • Wear a red rubber clown nose. Cannibals and zombies will avoid you – they will assume you taste funny.

When Captured

Stay calm, soil yourself, vomit and void your bladder. No self-respecting cannibals like a meal marinated in that stuff!



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